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Problem with Mag Mic SA6 - Need some help!

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  • Problem with Mag Mic SA6 - Need some help!

    This question is for a Seymour Duncan rep with some knowledge of the Mag Mic.

    The rubber pad on my Duncan Mag Mic, the part glued to the pickup with a wood backing, has come off, breaking the wood in the process with some wood left and some attached to the pad. Here's how it happened.

    When I went to remove the pickup today to replace the battery in my guitar, the pads on top of the guitar (the ones that are glued to the underside of the pickup and are part of the pickup), stuck hard to the guitar and would not come loose. When I forced it, the pad on one side broke away from the pickup and stayed stuck to the guitar. I was able to then remove the pad from the guitar by wiggling it sideways, but on both sides of the guitar where the pads were located now left the finish on the guitar (Collings) marred and cloudy. There seems to have been some reaction between the rubber pad on the Mag Mic on the guitar top that caused the pad to adhere to the guitar top with a force stronger than the glue that was holding the pad on the Mag Mic.

    Three questions:

    1. Where can I get a new pad to glue back on the Mag Mic? The wood backing on the one pad is shattered and I can't get it to match up again.

    2. What kind of glue should I use?

    3. Why did the rubber pad on the Mag Mic damage the finish on my guitar, and how do I keep that from getting worse/happening again?

    Thanks very much.


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    Re: Problem with Mag Mic SA6 - Need some help!

    you might try posting over on the DTAR Forum
    "music heals"


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      Re: Problem with Mag Mic SA6 - Need some help!

      Hap. I'm really sorry to hear about the problems with your Mag Mic. Please call our customer service department (805-964-9610 M-F 8-5 Pacific) and ask for Scott Miller. He'll walk you through the fix; and if he doesn't know it, he'll figure it out for you.

      I hope that helps.

      Evan Skopp, Inside Track International
      Sales and marketing reps for Musopia, Reunion Blues, and Q-Parts.


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        Re: Problem with Mag Mic SA6 - Need some help!

        weird. ive heard of rubber reacting with nitro lacquer but i have a magmic (love it by the way) on a nitro guitar and i havent had any problems.
        thats a bummer, collings