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Hollow body Strat humbucker suggestions.

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  • Hollow body Strat humbucker suggestions.

    I will be building a Warmoth hollow body Strat in the coming weeks and would like to hear some opinions on humbuckers to be installed. The body is made of Makorie which is Maple like in it's tone, but again the body is hollow (chambered). I won't know if brightness will be an issue until I try it. I'm pretty much a Blues/Rock/Jazz guy so I was thinking a 59 or Jazz for the neck, and a Custom, JB or PG in the bridge. What do you all think? Thanks.


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    Re: Hollow body Strat humbucker suggestions.

    i have a hollow alder body maple top guitar, kinda tele shaped. maple neck, ebony fretboard. kinda bright.
    im not familiar with that wood. if its like maple itll be a little bit on the bright side.
    i play a similar style (rock/blues/jazz) and use a pg set. its one of my favorite guitars. i use les paul type electronics (3 way 2 vol, 2 tones) with a pair of push/pulls for phase and coil split on the bridge. it sounds fantastic for almost anything i play.


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      Re: Hollow body Strat humbucker suggestions.

      Personally, I'd go with a PGn and a CC at the bridge slot.
      Ain't nothin' but a G thang, baby.