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new single coils for my strat?

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  • new single coils for my strat?

    I've had the stock pickups in my strat for way too long. I've tried lots of different wiring options, but nothing seems to warm them up. Any suggestions for new pups. I'm looking for something to warm up the guitar and lose the "icepick" tone. Should I go for high or low output? I'm not married to one brand name, I could go for SD, Rio Grande, Fender Custom Shop, etc. Additionally, I'd rather not spend a ton of cash. Thanks for your opinions.

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    Re: new single coils for my strat?

    APS-2's will warm up any guitar. That is, if you're going for vintage tone. If you want something different, try the SSL-3, SSL-5, SSL-6 and the QPs.
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      Re: new single coils for my strat?

      any ssl is quality! for warmth though, id go with beandip's suggestion. Ants and ant II's are too expensive, but i couldn't help myself and bought a set of surfers! Small case of GAS....
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