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Thanks for '59's advice

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  • Thanks for '59's advice

    Hi it's Nick,
    Thanks all of you for your helpful and speedy replies.I plan to flip the neck 59 tomorrow night as the 335 is ready for it's twice monthly re-string.
    How do the '59's compare ?.Well,more sting and zing from the plain strings and more depth from the wound strings.All in all a very pleasing set-up.
    My previous guitars over the 30 years that i have been playing (started at 14...yes i'm old) were handful of ageing strats and my playing style is a mixture of early Blackmore and Rory Gallagher.So the move to 335 was bold (i know Blackmore played a 335 which helped the decision).I now play in the style of early clapton in cream....Live Cream Volume a perfect example of the genius at work.I recommend this work to anyone wanting to play fluid bluesy runs.."Steppin' out" is quite literally a 13 minute blues guitar lesson.
    My amp is a 1978 year Marshall 50 combo all valve and it sounds bloomin' great,especially with '59's and 335.I also use a Pandora at home (keeps my wife and family from protesting) and have arrived at some pretty good late 60's gibson/marshall sounds.
    So,would i recommend SD '59's.Yes i would.I'm very pleased i changed to them.
    Anyway, thanks again for your help and advice.

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    Re: Thanks for '59's advice

    Glad to hear that it worked out for you.

    Now, don't be a stranger.


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      Re: Thanks for '59's advice

      Wow artie... you've certainly got a rep lol
      EBMM JPX BFR (Crunch Lab/Liquifire)
      Schecter C-1 Classic (Custom8/Jazz)
      Mayones Duvell 7 Standard (Instrumental SFTY-3/Decomp)
      G&L Tribute Comanche
      Godin Stadium 59 (Custom Cajun/'59)
      Horizon Precision Drive --> Fulltone FB3/FD 2 --> Crybaby From Hell (Fasel) --> Boss BF-2 --> CH-1 --> TC Flashback X4
      Mesa/Boogie Mark IV-B (SED =C= 6L6) + EarCandy BuzzBomb 2x12 (V30/C90)