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Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

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  • Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

    I am going to be buying a Basswood body/Rosewood fretboard guitar soon, and I need some help on deciding the neck and middle pickups. I have decided on the JB for my bridge, because in my current guitar it sounds just like I want it (I didn't realize the power of the JB till I turned my distortion pedal's gain to 45%... less distortion is more!!).

    However, I'd in my neck I'd lik e a pup that can cut through for solos and the middle I want something good for clean tones, and if possible, I want a middle pickup that doesnt hum!

    Using the JB, my metal sound is like a AC/DC crunch. I'd like to make sure the Neck pup will be well suited for soloing with my not-so-crazy amount of distortion.


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    Re: Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

    How about a JB Jr in the middle?
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      Re: Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

      Wouldn't that be.. pointless as i have one in my bridge? What would you think of a Vintage Rails? I was thinking about it... since it has the clean I want. And about the JB Jr.... my JB at least seems to have too much treble for a great clean

      by the way, I'm sorry if I'm being an ass
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        Re: Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

        I'd like something like a Vintage Flat in humbucker form... I think the Vintage Rails can accomplish that.. and if anyone would like to confirm it, that'd be nice.. I guess all I need to decide on is a neck pup


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          Re: Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

          *bump* please help


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            Re: Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

            hmm, well my suggestions for neck would be either Dimarzio's paf pro or Duncan's 59.
            as for the single in the middle i would say Lace Blue. Usually for single coils i would go lace, its almost noiseless and the tones from those pups are just great for me.
            you can check them out at

            hope this helps.
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              Re: Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

              Try this:
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              Duncan Distortion in neck (everything else will be too soft in output?), Classic Stack Strat in middle?

              I don't know, but the Vintage rails is 2k... the JB is 16k...

              Forum members have advised that there are other factors to be considered so wait for their input.

              Hope it helps.
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                Re: Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

                Thanks guys!!


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                  Re: Suggestions for my Hum/Sing/Hum

                  by the way, if i did put in a Vintage Rails should I be using 500k pots then?