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Can anyone help me with this wiring problem

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  • Can anyone help me with this wiring problem

    Taking a shot in the dark here - but I am looking for some help with a wiring schematic - If I am in the wrong forum sorry but I am stuck.
    I am looking for a friend of mine and what they asked for is
    1-humbucker, 1-tone, 1-volume, then they said to look for what would be a rectangle with 6 dots (double pole, double throw), and a rectangle with 3 dots (single pole, single throw) - as you can see I have absolutely no idea what I am looking for, I'm just trying to help this great friend of mine out however I can. If anyone knows what in the world I am talking about and looking for I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Believe me my head is getting banged up bouncing off all these walls. Thanks in advance for any response.
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    Re: Can anyone help me with this wiring problem

    im not sure what you are looking for.
    the "rectangle with 6 dots" is a dpdt switch usually used for phase reversal, splitting or parallel
    the 3 dot model can be used to split the coils of the bucker but not for parallel

    both are just mini switches, a push pull pot could be used to do the same things as it is just a pot with a dpdt switch on the bottom. are you looking for a guitar that has these features or ????


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      Re: Can anyone help me with this wiring problem

      if you go the the main page for duncan pickups there is a little link at the top that says support. move your mouse over it and it will drop a menu down there are schematics in there for lots of pickup configurations. Good luck
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