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  • Suspicious 59

    Hi, I posted a while back about putting a pair of 59's in my les paul, now then im about to buy and I came across a place that was selling a single new SD 59 gold coveree 2 conductor pickup. But the most unusual thing (not a complaint!) is the price: 60 delievered!!! now i know that a single conductor 59 w gold cover retails for 105 so thats pretty unusal. Second being 2 conductor, i didnt know you got them...

    Ok heres the exact product description from the page:
    "Seymour Duncan SH-1B '59 model humbucking pickup with gold cover and two conductor cable (BRIDGE)"

    Really im just trying to figure whether this is too good to be true! I will be calling the shop soon but it never hurts to hear other peoples thoughts


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    Re: Suspicious 59

    They might be having a hard time getting rid of it as a one off, assuming it's a genuine SD and yes, I have seen two conductor 59s.


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      Re: Suspicious 59

      Check if the bottom plate has a SD logo on it. If it does I will be difficult it is a false pickup.

      Good buy!!