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humbucker recommendations please

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  • humbucker recommendations please

    Well, it's happened--I'm looking to replace my pickups.

    I've got a Hamer Slammer Special 2 Flametop SP2F-2T [ -- bottom of page 3] with stock pickups on them. I'm running it through a Marshall MG30DFX amp. I play mostly old school/street/oi punk rock and classic rock.

    I've been talking to people and they suggest a '59 neck / JB bridge configuration for the sound I'm looking for. I also read that the SH-8 Invader was great for punk sounds, but there are so many options and decisions to pick. I've never dealt with any of this stuff and I know you guys know your material

    What would you recommend for what I'm looking for? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: humbucker recommendations please

    JB/59 is your best bet for classic rock, punk, and anything and everyting else raunchy.
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      Re: humbucker recommendations please

      Watch the Invader in a mahogany body... it's better of in something like a Strat (alder)
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        Re: humbucker recommendations please

        i agree, especially into your amp, the invader might not be the best choice.
        i think the 59/jb setup would be a good one for you


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          Re: humbucker recommendations please

          i knew that setup would be the best.. thanks a lot guys. also, i've never actually wired any of this sort of stuff before. how difficult is it? i have a little experience in soldering, but will the diagrams and instructions be sufficient for me or would it be best to have someone whos done it before take a look at it and install them for me?