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    Looking for some alternative suggestions for my new strat project. This one is going to be pure single coils....but I want it to be warm....not to high end heavy, and no mini buckers or rails...vintage look. I also think I'm going to go with flat pole pieces since I have a 10-16 compound radius on the fretboard.

    I'm thinking about the following options.

    Antiquity set with hot custom bridge
    APS flat neck and mid, SSL-6 bridge
    5-2's from the custom shop with flat pole pieces and a slightly hotter bridge wind.

    The body is a really light 2 piece ash body, probably under 4 lbs. It should be capable of all the standard strat sounds in positions 2-5, and the bridge should have enough to do gritty rock and blues.

    Opinion me away!
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    Re: Single Coil Advice

    Jeff ...
    I don't think you could go wrong with the APSs or Ants in that ax. (I haven't tried the 5-2s, so I can't say about those.)

    I made a post in tips & clips comparing Ants/ APSs, btw:

    for reference, though, those are alder strats
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      Re: Single Coil Advice

      i used to use an aps2/aps2/ssl6 setup. sounded great, i use a twangbanger now. it doesnt have quite as much output but its a little smoother sounding. the ssl6 has a great bite to it that isnt harsh but really cuts thru a dense mix


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        Re: Single Coil Advice

        For me, the Cobalt Samarium Noiseless pick ups from Fender got the best tone of them all to play clean and Blues.