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Need advice for new SD pickups

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  • Need advice for new SD pickups

    Hi, all.
    First Time on the forum. Have a question and would like some advice. I've never used SD humbucking pick-ups before, but I'm going to purchase a set to put into my SG. Now, what I'm looking for is a bridge pickup that is versatile enough to go from rock-to hard rock-to metal. I'm looking for a classic Iron Maiden/Black Sabbath sound and tone at the heaviest to an AC/DC tone and sound as well. I dont want to duplicate these sounds, but get close enough to mimic all three. Any ideas?
    Oh, also looking for a cool SD neck pick-up to complement the bridge pick-up. In addition to my SG, I also want to replace the pick-ups in my ESP strat, too.

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    Re: Need advice for new SD pickups

    Um...what amps are you using? And what sound are you going for with the strat? Sorry I cant help you out on the full sized buckers, but as for the strat, I can get yo uclose to any tone you want with it.
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      Re: Need advice for new SD pickups

      Alnico II Pro, '59, Custom... will do those... I think.
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        Re: Need advice for new SD pickups

        you didnt mention what else you use for a rig...thatll help
        but im thinking that a 59/custom might work for you. i used to run that setup in my sg and it was great for all types of rock and metal.
        what do you want from the esp?


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          Re: Need advice for new SD pickups

          My rig consists of an RG75/G2 amp and a Marshall MG50, running through a Tonebone Hot British Distortion pedal as my main overdrive/distortion. The weak end has always been my stock guitar pick-ups, like LH-100 on my ESP strat (nice pick-ups, but you could only get palm mutes by playing at the first position. My SG has Alnico V pick-ups, good for rock, but aren't versatile enough). My ESP strat is my main guitar and the one I'd really like to turn into a shredder. Hope this helps.