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  • Strat SSH Question

    Hello To All,

    I just goined the Forum. I am looking for information to mod my strat copy. Presently it has the typical 3 single coil setup (SSS). I am looking for a smoother jazz sound and understand adding a humbucker will accomplish this but I do not want to modifying the pick guard. What would be a good pickup to install for a clean clear jazz sound? Where would be the best place for the humbucker, neck or bridge?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Strat SSH Question

    For a jazz/fusion set up in a strat, I would go with a Cool Rails set or a Cool Rails in the neck and bridge with a Vintage Rails in the midlle position to keep some of the strat sound in positions 2 and 4. This woud give you a fatter sound at the neck (for jazz) and bridge (most strats need fatter bridge sounds IMO), while also being completely hum canceling and no modification will be necessary to your pickguard.

    That and a full set of rails looks *****in!
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