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Death Metal bassist seeking help

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  • Death Metal bassist seeking help

    Dear anybody who can help me,

    I'm a bass player, who is searching for the right pickup for death metal. I have a PASSIVE Ibanez GSR 205 (5 string) and was wondering which pickup would suit that bass.for the intended style. Please be so friendly as to respond, unlike EMG.....

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    Re: Death Metal bassist seeking help

    I called the bass player in my band about this and this is what he uses [not knowing if you use a 4-5-6 string this is what he has and loves]

    we play some death corpse-lamb of god etc. / nu metal like slipknot mudvayne

    4yrs of college + 1 B.A. + 40,000 in student loans = 64k per yr job I hate, help me please

    Peavey XXX
    Schecter 006 Elite
    SD Invader
    Pro tools


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      Re: Death Metal bassist seeking help

      I'm gonna suggest the EMG route. Gives you tones of cut, but not much natural tone. Great for death metal.
      You can get a suprisingly good country guitar tone out of a Marshall Halfstack.