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    Hey guys,
    I'm needing some advise and would like some opinions. I'm looking to load up a H-140 heritage (LP Style) with some pickups. Im woundering which 1 would be the best to get a great hard rock tone thru my marshall tsl60 half stack. I'm looking for the heaviest and hardest sound i can get just b4 it becomes a metal sound and of course a good clean sound. Also good harmonics too. Something with heavy low-mid end that doesnt break up. I would greatly appreciate your help.
    Thanks much,

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    Re: Which One

    Ive heard the SH-8 Invader is supposed to awsome on distortion
    I think its pretty good clean
    Thought about that?
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      Re: Which One

      For that guitar I'd suggest a Custom in the bridge. The Duncan Distortion is nice for hard rock as well but the cleans aren't as nice as with the Custom.

      A JB would also work, but it doesn't have the low-mid content of the Custom. The Custom has an agressive top end, its somewhat thick in the middle and the bottom end is prominent and fairly tight.

      Sounds like what you are looking for to me.

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        Re: Which One

        Thanks a lot for the opinions guys. much appriciated. i really havent checked into any of these being i dont know much about them. i did have a jb in my LP for awhile but it just wasnt quite what i needed, granted its a great pickup. also, any ideas on a smooth neck pickup too. smooth, clean with a good bite. good harmonics are always a must the pickups that came standard in it were Schaller. im just not real crazy about them.


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          Re: Which One

          Like Robert said, the Custom will take care of the bridge position. For what you want at the neck, a PG is hard to beat.
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            Re: Which One

            want to thank you ALL for your help. its helped me greatly. i have no idea what pickups do what so its a great help to have a place like this and such cool ppl to help me out. thanks again