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Wiring for HSH with single-conductor.

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  • Wiring for HSH with single-conductor.

    I need a wiring diagram for an Ibanez S370DX. It's Hum-Sing-Hum, and I have a '59 Single-conductor at the neck position, with a duckbucker (but im going to make it a cool-rails) in the middle. all help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Wiring for HSH with single-conductor.

    It looks to me like you would use this diagram:

    Ibanez S370DX

    On the Ibanez drawing, what they show as white, you'ld use black for Duncan.
    Ibanez Red would be the Duncan Red/White soldered together then run to the same place.
    On the Duncans, you'ld use Green and braid for ground. What Ibby is showing as the shield.

    Post back if you need more help than that.


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      Re: Wiring for HSH with single-conductor.

      Problem is, the Seymour is the single coil, so do I just ignore the ibanez red solderpoint? The shield is no problem, just ground that to the pot, and run a short wire to a solderpoint. I'm just curious if I need to change anything with the red (seymour red+white).

      Also, since I still have the duckbucker, do I need to do anything special with that? I noticed that the seymour diagram page has a special thing for duckbucker...what should I do with that?



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        Re: Wiring for HSH with single-conductor.

        Take a look at this thread, and scroll down 'til you see the Ibby switch with the green and blue boxes drawn around it. You only need to deal with the left side, in the blue box. You can ignore everything on the right side, the green box.

        I'm not sure what you mean by the "special" thing for the Duckbucker. Could you reference the link that shows that? I only find one diagram that mentions the Duckbucker, and its completely ordinary.