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  • Tell me about the CC...

    Hey all.

    I was just jamming yesterday with my strat and I'm feeling some anxiety...GAS has struck again!

    I harvested the FSb from my ash strat to use in my HM, and replaced it with the JB. Now, I LOVE the JB, but I'm always ready to experiment with something new, and I was wondering about the CC. I play mostly hard rock and metal.

    If I don't like it, I guess I can always take it out, but I thought I'd seek some advice before I buy.

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    Re: Tell me about the CC...

    IMO a CC is one of the best bridge pups for a strat. It warms up the guitar so well, and doesn't seem overly hot because of the thin nature of a strat. I have one in the bridge of my double fat strat, and have just never been happier.

    I started off with the stag mag in the bridge, went to the JB briefly and finally settled on the CC. I play thru a Marshall JCM 800, and the CC will do almost anything from nice clean to blues to classic rock and beyond. If I had one complaint, it would be that if you really want to palm mute and chug, the bass is just a tad spongy, but that's it. I don't really play that type of music, so for me it's a non issue.

    It's a great all around pup in a strat.
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      Re: Tell me about the CC...

      Putting an A3 magnet in a CC can help correct the EQ a bit if you don't like the lack of lows and highs and the overabundance of mids. I went from a C5 to a CC to a "C3," and I liked it the best of the three.

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        Re: Tell me about the CC...

        I love the CC in my Carvin DC127T. It's big, fat, and juicy without sounding overly compressed or harsh, like other high output pickups can.
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          Re: Tell me about the CC...

          Depends on the guitar! If you have a dark one, yeah CC is not the best there. Then get a c5! But if you have a brighter guitar (e.g. a bright LP which would sound icepicky with a5 PAF clones in the bridge) then CC is the way to go. I believe it is the best pickup for floyd rose guitars, CC helps to wash off the metallic highs due to the bridge.

          There are tons of things to do with a CC before considering a magnet swap. Height adjustment, or screw pieces adjustment. Increasing the screw pieces all together will change the magnetic field in favor of the screw (closer to the bridge) coil making the pickup more punchy, more stingy, more bright. If that were not to help yeah then go for the A3. Great magnet!

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