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SD SBJ-1's Or fender 60's custom shop???

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  • SD SBJ-1's Or fender 60's custom shop???

    I need some help form the bass players out there. Which pickups do you think im better off with. SD's SBJ-1 vintage pickups or Fender's Custom Shop 60's jazz bass pickups. Who's tryed em both which ones do you think offer more output and tone???

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    Re: SD SBJ-1's Or fender 60's custom shop???

    I haven't tried the Fender bass pickups but of all the Fender pickups I have tried, the Fenders were always 2nd best to a set of Duncans.

    Both the Classic 60s and the SJB-1s are fairly low output so that will be a hard and close comparison. "More" tone isn't something you can measure but I think you'll find the tone of the SD SJB-1s to be preferrable.

    My personal favorites are the SD Hot Stacks for Jazz Bass. Warmer and louder than stock with no hum. I have them in my Jazz Bass and I get regular compliments on its tone.

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