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Help: JB or Custom SH5/TB5

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  • Help: JB or Custom SH5/TB5

    Im playing music like Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Van Halen, Greg Howe...etc. I'm looking for a bridge pickup and i've decided it has to be a JB or Custom, but i don't know which will work best for my needs, i need a pickup good enough to get "that crunch". But i don't want get a super screamin' pickup that messes all up. Please recomend me which one will be better according to my music playing.

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    Re: Help: JB or Custom SH5/TB5

    The best thing you could do is to try them out. Go to your local guitar center or Schecter dealer and try out some is a link to which schecters use which Duncans. Try them out...only you know what tone you are looking for.

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      Re: Help: JB or Custom SH5/TB5

      I've had both. I prefer the Custom. To me it has more nuts, but thats not to say the JB is bad! I just prefered the Custom. The SH5 is a little thinner sounding than the JB in my guitar( washburn NX6 paduak) but just has more of everything else. Just my experience. Hope it was some help.