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Cool Rail vs Little 59

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  • Cool Rail vs Little 59

    I had inquired earlier about replacing the neck pick up in my Strat copy guitar.
    I am looking for a smooth jazzier tone. I was informed by several good people on this forum to use either a cool rail or the little 59.

    I could use some help narrowing the choice down. Also can I put a humbucker in the neck position and keep two sigle coils in the other positions? I plan to switch out the others sometime down the road. Where can I find a schematic that shows how to wire the neck humbucker into the guitar?

    Thanks for all those who have helped and will continie to help.


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    Re: Cool Rail vs Little 59

    I like the CR because string spacing with this pickup is a non-issue, that, and rails look cool.

    To wire it in as a normal humbucker, all you have to do is solder the red and white wires together and tape them off, solder black to hot, and green and shield to ground. If the CR is out of phase with the other pickups, swap the black and green wires.

    The only problem I can forsee with keeping the stock singles in the bridge and middle is that the bridge pos. single will now sound even skinnier as compared to the neck pickup.
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      Re: Cool Rail vs Little 59

      I prefer the Cool Rails over the Little 59 as well. It just responds better to my playing style (it can keep up with my lame attempts at shredding) as well as back off for the mild stuff.
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