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  • Made a PuP

    So i took the ceramic magnet out of a gibson 500T bridge pickup and replaced it with an Alnico 5 magnet. I put the thing back together and wax potted it today. I went to but it in my gibson but when I went to remove the invader from the bridge, i decided not to replace the the pup because I didnt want to mess up the wiring I had done.

    anyway i'm really curious to hear what this Pup will sound like bur i guess I'll have to wait and put it in a different guitar.

    what do you think? I'm not even sure what type of sound alnico 5 makes.


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    Re: Made a PuP

    Alnico V as opposed to ceramic will give you softer highs, more mids, and slightly looser lows. I don't know what sound you'll get, as I've never tried the Gibby 500t
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      Re: Made a PuP

      the 500t is high out put like 17k i think. and it kinda woofs. i never liked the pup much. some people say it sounds like the JB but i dont think it does.