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EXP. STRAT PLAYERS:Multi-faceted question....

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    Re: EXP. STRAT PLAYERS:Multi-faceted question....

    Originally posted by Jeff_H
    I've got the CS 54 pups from Fender in my Hwy 1, and like Wattage I'm very happy with all positions except for the bridge. I've got a new strat project going with an ash body and a rosewood board. I'm leaning towards the APS's in the neck and mid, and a SSL-6 for the bridge. That should cover just about every strat tone there is. In my highway 1 strat, I'm going to leave the CS 54's in the neck/mid, and put a PG+ in the bridge. I think that should be a pretty versital axe also.

    If your strat is naturally bright, I'd go APS neck and mid, and SSL-6 bridge. If your strat is a warmer tone SSL-1's might be a great choice.
    Which APS would you recommend? 1 or 2? I was considering ditchin the humbucker and goin for singles and see how that works for me... I was thinkin the Highway 1 with the Maple neck and fretboard... I guess that would make it somewhat bright.

    I definately am curious to hear the SSL-6 in action
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      Re: EXP. STRAT PLAYERS:Multi-faceted question....

      Originally posted by stevie ray
      since when is srv hard rock? would counsider gilmour hard rock either but wateva

      id say to be general get a mid-hot humbucking pickup in the bridge and for the other 2 position mind output single coils
      Well, they're sure aren't soft rock, wateva.

      Smart ass. It's just the folks like you that cause me to spend less and less time here.
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