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Single Coil humbucker for strat,whats best choice?

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  • Single Coil humbucker for strat,whats best choice?

    Hi everyone,Im kinda new here and want to thank everyone for the previous help,this site is the best!Right now I need a humbucker single coil
    (for bridge spot) on my S/S/S strat thats closest sounding to a regular humbucker,for all styles of music,BEATLES-SRV-ZEPPLIN-CLASSIC ROCK/HARD ROCK,R&B,etc,,,,needs to be full sounding and cleans up good for Rhythm work,but not thin.Never had any luck with single coils in the past!
    Was thinking a HOT RAILS but,some out there say it doesnt have a decent clean sound,any other recomendations out there?
    Thanx alot.

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    Re: Single Coil humbucker for strat,whats best choice?

    Hello buddy and welcome to the greatest forum on the internet...LOL

    I like the Lil 59 for what you describe....However..Another absolutely great sounding pickup that rubs up there with a humbucker is the Fralin Steel Pole 43 pickup...This is a single coil pickup that sounds and acts alot like a Gibson P90...This pickup has all the balls and fatness you describe,but yet it still retains the 4th position quacky tones..This is an incredible pickup..Get ahold of Lew and he'll treat you right on one...Personally,these side by side single coil sized himbuckers miss the mark as far as getting actual single coil strat tones...I normally would rather have an actual fullsized humbucker in my bridge position if I'm wanting a H/S/S strat...Just my opinion of course...I removed a JB Jr..and put this Fralin SP 42 in it's place in a floyd rose bridged strat.....The results were WOW! Go to Lindy Fralin's website and read about the Steel Pole 43 pickup...Trust me on this one!

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      Re: Single Coil humbucker for strat,whats best choice?

      I like the Cool Rails a little more than the little 59. I think it does what you're wanting quite well. The Hot Rails would definitely be a little too much for the styles of music you're describing.
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        Re: Single Coil humbucker for strat,whats best choice?

        I'm a fan of the cool rails myself, but I'd give John's suggestion a fair shot too (the Fralin pickup)... he knows his strat-stuff.

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          Re: Single Coil humbucker for strat,whats best choice?

          +1 for a CR.
          But in all fairness, I haven't tried the Fralin.
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            Re: Single Coil humbucker for strat,whats best choice?

            The 'Lil '59 works for me.
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              Re: Single Coil humbucker for strat,whats best choice?

              Cool Rails.

              Haven't tried the Fralin

              Strat knows his stuff.
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