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Pickup to replace DeArmond 2K Single coil.

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  • Pickup to replace DeArmond 2K Single coil.

    I have a Fender Telesonic with DeArmond 2k Pickups. They are really good single coils but very noisy. Also on many Gretch guitars. I'd would really like to see what a mini humbucker type pickup sounds in it. But i can't find the exact dimensions for the 2ks anywhere. I know i can just measure myself but looking at the SD mini humbuckers, the length and width are pretty exact i mean : 2.924 by 1.085. I couldn't tell what my DeArmonds are that close. Any knowledge on what i'm saying? My best guess are that the mini humbuckers are too wide. But maybe the metal mounting ring for the minis could fit the Fender. I mean the screw holes would still be centered. The only problem then would be routing. I haven't looked under the Fender hood yet.

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    Re: Pickup to replace DeArmond 2K Single coil.

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    i think a set of mini humbuckers might be just the ticket for ya, not sure if they will be an exact drop in or not, close for sure but there might be some modification necessary.