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    this is my first time posting here and am really glad to see this forum i have read thru some threads and this place will be a time saver for sure i have a tele custom humbucker in the neck and a single coil in the bridge
    i am tired of this setup and want more of the gibsonish sound i strated playing fenders for the necks but want a fatter well rounded less twangy sound i play chicago blues so i want that "paf" thang i play through a super 60 with a overdrive box so i thoght a lil 59 in the bridge and a pearly gates up front can tap the pearl if i need a single coil voice right?
    can the 59 be tapped also? best of all worlds texas to chicago and of course baton rouge . la thanks for your time and info also if any of you all have any other tips for wiring or setup i am all ears and appreciation have a great day gordon

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    Re: tele info

    Fistly, welcome to the forum!!

    Secondly... Both pickups, PG and lil59 can be split. Ussualy spliting a low output humbucker works well on the neck because of the bigger string vibration that makes the pickup have a bigger output. On the bridge the tone it is weaker and high output humbucker ar preferable for this, personally I don't like the tone but some people do (may be you will!!).

    I have to warn you that you won't get a "true" single coil tone from a split humbucker. For some reason they doesn't have the dynamics or the highs that traditional tele and strat pickups are famous for. Anyway the split tone somehow gets the humbucker tone closer to the single coil but doesn't get there.


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      Re: tele info

      can i suggest a seth lover in the neck. It is a very true PAF and the A2 magnets blend well with the usual tele woods (ash or alder with a maple neck). Good Luck and Welcome to the forum
      Cleveland Guitars


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        Re: tele info

        PG/Lil 59 will mix well. Loke Mongrollo said, you can split both of these pickups. I would wire them with a normal three-way switch and get a pair of push/pull pots so that you can have individual control of both pickups.
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