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Howto guide to swapping magnets?

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  • Howto guide to swapping magnets?

    I was reading with interest this thread about putting an A8 into a Pearly Gates:

    Could anyone point out a link/webpage that details how to swap magnets in a humbucker?

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    Re: Howto guide to swapping magnets?

    Unless the pickup has a metal cover the swap is a snap. The cover does requite a little more work but is still no biggie.
    Just turn the pickup over and loosen the 4 phillips head screws that hold the bobbins to the baseplate. Once you have the screws loosened take a small screwdriver and carefully pry up the bobbins but watch for the coil wires that will be on the opposite end from the connecting leads. If you break one of those the pickup is toast. You can also carefully puss the screws through the base plate to lift the bobbins. Again just be carefull and understand you don't have to raise the bobbins by much to have room to slip the mag out.
    Once you get the bobbins up a little slip the small screwdriver under the tape on the opposite side from the connecting leads. Again be carefull not to nick the coil wires. In the center of the pickup between the coils is the magnet and it should slip out pretty easily. Make shure the polarity of the mag that you swap in is in the same direction as the one that came out. Remember like poles repell opposites attract. Just slip the new mag in and button it up by retightening the bobbin screws and you're done .
    So far I have not had any need to remelt the potting wax. Even with me using the flamethrower Prosonic at higer volumes I have not seen any feedback issues so far.
    Good luck!
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      Re: Howto guide to swapping magnets?

      There is this...

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        Re: Howto guide to swapping magnets?

        Thanks Ayrton and Ascension!


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          Re: Howto guide to swapping magnets?

          And you don't need to physically take the coils off, just loosen them enough to push the magnet out with a screwdriver or something like that.
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            Re: Howto guide to swapping magnets?

            BTW, Gibson pickups' baseplates are threaded, so just loosening the four bottom screws will not work, you'll have to raise all the adjustment screws quite a bit to swap the magnet on a Gibson humbucker.
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