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Phat Cat and a PRS

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  • Phat Cat and a PRS

    Hi everybody....first post here.

    I have a PRS CU22 with the rotary switcher, and would like to replace the neck pickup with a Phat Cat.

    The Phat Cat is 2 conductor lead and the pc-board on the rotary is set up for the 3 leads from the Dragon II' my question would be - does anybody know what kind of modifications (or wiring setup) to the electronics would be necessary to make this switch?

    I would like the rotary to work just as before......the neck pickup being on in all the positions it was before, only unsplit, obviously.

    Also, I'm concerned about the accentuated midrange of the PhatCats (according to the Duncan description). The PRS has midrange aplenty and I don't think I need another pickup adding even more. Does anyone have any experience with Phat Cats from the custom shop......maybe something underwound?

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    Re: Phat Cat and a PRS

    Bump. This one needs a response, but I'm not familiar with PRSs.
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      Re: Phat Cat and a PRS

      I don't see how you can manage to keep the 5 way rotary with a single coil in the neck .
      Basicaly the 2&4 positions on the PRS switch are inner and outter coils the humbuckers, this means they are splitted . But you can't split the Phat Cat !

      I would suggest you to go for a Mc Carty wiring (with 3 way toggle)
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