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Strat-Tele compatibility

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  • Strat-Tele compatibility

    I love strats but really dig the Tele neck tone. Can these be swapped or are they different sizes? In other words will a Tele neck pu fit in that position of a Strat?

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    Re: Strat-Tele compatibility

    Tele neck pups are smaller. Plus, the pickup will not sound the same in a strat-strats and teles are two different guitars with different tonal properties.
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      Re: Strat-Tele compatibility

      Originally posted by conguiņo
      I love strats but really dig the Tele neck tone.
      I really like the Tele neck pickup tone too. That's funny because a lot of players will do everything they can to get their Tele's neck position to sound more like a Strat. The guys at Rio Grande don't even put a cover on their Tele neck pickups. One guy, at Rio Grande, I talked with said the Tele neck pickup was the worst invention for guitar...

      I guess, if you put a nickel cover on a Strat pickup it might sound more like a Tele neck pickup....I never tried it.
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