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  • neck pickup

    i'm about to replace the stock neck pickup of a strat.
    i want to put a humbucker in the size of a single coil with a 4 conductor cable in order to split
    i want to get as close as the famous slash neck pup solo sound when working as a hum and a vintage strat neck pup solo sound when working as a single coil...
    any suggestions???

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    Re: neck pickup

    I think that the classic stack may be what you're looking for. It has a nice warm tone in the neck position that you would be looking for. I've never heard it split though. Hopefully someone else here has.


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      Re: neck pickup

      It's going to be tough to get a Slash tone w/out a full-size HB in the neck pos. I don't know if you can split the coils of a SC sized pup, even if is humbucking. Perhaps if it's a bladed pup? Dunno, sorry ...
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