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Blues in bridge.

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  • Blues in bridge.

    I have a Jay Turser Les Paul copy, but with a chambered body.

    I'm wondering what the best blues pickup would be for it. I have a '59 neck, so that should help match them up pretty well. I want a great blues clean tone and a slightly-dirty tone. I'm hoping for something very crisp, with enough bass (probably not the PG). I play through a POD 2.0 and a Marshall MG series amp, if that helps. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    Re: Blues in bridge.

    i would reccomend the 59b, but the alnico II i have heard is also very very nicely suited for the job
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      Re: Blues in bridge.

      Hi kap; I have a 59n mated with a 59b and they seem like a perfect pair.
      However, they're always clean. I get "dirt" after the guitar.


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        Re: Blues in bridge.

        59' bridge sounds like what you are describing to me.
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