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59b vs dimebucker

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  • 59b vs dimebucker

    Hey all, this is how it goes.

    I recently purchased a used ESP m255 from a friend of mine. Hes a big metal guy so he already had a dimebucker on the bridge position. I love the neck and feel of the guitar but I don't really dig the dimebucker's tone. I have a 59 in a strat of mine and really liked its tone. I never liked dimebag's sound, not warm enough for me. My beef with the dimebucker is lack of warmth and bass with power chords, although its great for palm mute and riffs.

    So I was wondering if anybody has any experience with 59's in metal aimed guitars and their tone. Will the 59 be warmer in a basswood/agathis(not sure) guitar than the dime or should I even bother getting them switched?

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    Re: 59b vs dimebucker

    I don't know how the dime sounds, the '59B has a nice distortion tone, it's warm, fat and has tight lows, maybe not enough for metal (or use more distortion), but a classic hardrock tone. Remember the sound of the first Van-Halen Record.
    I only miss a bit of "push", when needed.
    Maybe you should try your 59 in the ESP guitar, same PU's sound different in different guitar's.
    What's the neck PU on the ESP? Maybe the neck PU might be louder than a 59B.
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