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  • JB or Screamin Demon

    Which would be better in the bridge of my Strat a JB or Screamin Demon ? I`m looking for that `80s metal tone (Jake E , RR , Warren D , George L) !
    When asking for pickup suggestions please tell us what amp you`re using

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    Re: JB or Screamin Demon

    i would think a screaming demon would be trebley as hell in a strat....i would go for the jb....which would also be trebly but not nearly as much. I THINK!
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      Re: JB or Screamin Demon

      The JB is definitely the way to go for 80's metal tones in a strat. Having said that, I have a screamin demon in my Ovation Strat. The guys that you mentioned used JB's at one time in their guitars.


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        Re: JB or Screamin Demon

        I believe Lynch used a DD.


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          Re: JB or Screamin Demon

          JB is great for 80's metal.
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            Re: JB or Screamin Demon

            I play a lot of lead get the JB but if you're more into a thicker rhythm tone the the Demon.

            Both PUs are faily versatile but the Demon is obviously less of a stretch from the norm.

            During the '80s I played anything from Venom to GnR to LedZep with a Demon. The Demon is simply a no nonsense PU.
            Fat Strat into a Soldano, always.


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              Re: JB or Screamin Demon

              Originally posted by psychodave
              I believe Lynch used a DD.
              And a JB, EMG's, and etc.,...


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                Re: JB or Screamin Demon

                Both are great, both will cover a lot of the same ground just in a somewhat different way.