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should i just grab a CUSTOM?

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    Re: should i just grab a CUSTOM?

    Originally posted by Dills
    I questioned mine at first but i gave it some time and now it sounds awesome.
    One of the best pieces of advice I've picked up on this forum was from Robert_S. And that was to give a guitar/pick up 6 months before swapping it out. That way you'll have plenty of time to tinker with it.
    And something else about Mary Ann and Ginger....


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      Re: should i just grab a CUSTOM?

      I'm planning on putting a Custom in my Strat, as soon as I get some money.


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        Re: should i just grab a CUSTOM?

        You really wanted that Blues Trembucker, I think you should just cave in and try one of those. It does cost a little more than a Custom would, but there's always the exchange policy if you don't like it.

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        I'm the reason we had to sign waivers


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          Re: should i just grab a CUSTOM?

          Custom rulz. Old-school flava with the new-school balls.
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          "How do I improve the tone of my ThrasherKidzz-O-Blaster combo??"

          The answer is always "burn it, dumbass."