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Modified JB Trembucker

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  • Modified JB Trembucker

    How would it affect the tone and output of a TB-4 JB Trembucker if:

    The 6 slug pole pieces were replaced with allen-head screws (like a Screamin' Demon)?

    The 6 chrome screws were replaced with allen-head screws?

    The 6 slug pole pieces and 6 chrome screws were all replaced with allen-head screws (like a Full Shred)?

    I'm looking for a JB with tighter bass and a little more aggressive nature, but not quite to the level of a DD. I like A5 pickups better than Ceramic.
    My Gear:
    Kramer USA Baretta II;Ibanez RG550 (MIJ)
    Laney Pro Tube Lead AOR 50watt 1x12" Combo
    Boss GT-3;ProCo Rat2;DOD 250 Overdrive/Preamp;DOD 201 Phaser;DOD FX-90 Delay

    Pickups Used:
    TB-12 Screamin' Demon;TB-4 JB;SH-10 Full Shred;SH-5 Custom;TB-1 '59;TB-6 Distortion

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    Re: Modified JB Trembucker

    By replacing the 6 studs with allen head polepieces, you will have more control over stagger and radius, aside from that, I don't know. It might be worth a try though.
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