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Does anyone else do this?

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  • Does anyone else do this?

    Basically I swapped my middle pup with the neck (strat) and now I have a very awsome sounding strat.

    Position 1-middle
    Position 2-middle & neck (hum canceling)
    Position 3-Neck
    Position 4-Neck & Bridge (hum canceling) Favorite Tone Ever!
    Position 5-Bridge

    Since my Bridge pup is a tele-strat pickup (baseplate) pos 4 & 5 sound super cool. It's awsome and I think it sounds coolest playing Johnny B Good clean with natural pick attack distortion.
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    Re: Does anyone else do this?

    There is still something you are missing. Either get a miniswitch from radio shack (and wire it so that the bridge get active in any position) or use master vol and master tone and get yourself a rotary switch from deaf eddie. You'd have 7 positions in total, and all of them will sound great. I have a miniswitch on all my strats. (I love the dual tone thingy of the strats, so kill me! )
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      Re: Does anyone else do this?

      Sounds pretty cool to me.