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got a new guitar! PUP question for ya's

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  • got a new guitar! PUP question for ya's

    I just got a musicman axis...the one pictured at the following link is the EXACT guitar I bought...same color and everything

    anywho...I was originally gonna get an ESP ltd EC 1000 in amber sunburst with the jb/59 set in it..when I went to sam ash yesterday I played one similar, it had EMG 81's instead, but otherwise same guitar...hated it...didn't like the feel of the neck and it just felt a little flimsy to me..

    so I saw a couple of these musicman's layin' around..I played an axis fixed bridge and loved it..then I was playing an EVH wolfgang special and loved that as well..I was thinking of getting the wolfgang because the pup sounded a little better (I was playing through a peavy XXX, that thing's great! even at low volumes)...just sounded a bit hotter and tighter with better harmonics..

    so anyway, I wander over to guitar center..and there's the one that I posted the link to...I saw teh color and I had to friggin' have into a little marshal practice amp (which also sounded great...and it was only around 450 or so) and decided to pick it up...

    I like the color/finish and the electronics locations better on this than the wolfgang, but the jury's still out on the sounds really good through my vetta but not quite as's a little more rounded and loose..

    ok, now that you've got my whole history here's my question =D and it may be a dumb one but I wanna pose it anyway..

    would it look really stupid if I put the same color (zebra) duncan in it eventually? Duncan's and Dimarzios always look different...duncans look a little more hefty and have a shinier gloss to them (not to mention Seymour Duncan written on them) and dimarzio's look a little thinner and have a flat finish..

    I don't wanna bastardize this's far and away the best feeling guitar I've EVER played...much easier to get around on than my lynch esp (which is odd considering they're both 25 1/2'd never know it though) and I don't wanna mess around with it too much..

    if I were to stick with dimarzio, what would sound closest to what's in the wolfgang musicman? I guess eddie's contract ran out or something cause when I go to their site I can't find any information on them...I'm assuming that what was in the wolfgang is similar to maybe a JB or a custom, just based on what I've read about them and how the harmonics were...

    sorry to be long winded =D and thanks in advance!
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