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need new pups for my hb sg.

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  • need new pups for my hb sg.

    i have a late 90's sg (the one with no binding) and am in need of advice on pups for it. i am more of a single coil guy, and would like some input.

    my rig right now is either my strat or jazzmaster (both hotrodded) into a keeley comp and then straight into a victoria tweed deluxe. the band i play in is a lot in the tom petty/neil young/stones camp of guitar tones. but i really need to start using an hb equipped guitar to compliment the other guitar player when he switches to his tele.

    after looking on the website, i've kinda narrowed down my choices:

    seth lover

    alnico 2 pro

    custom 5

    or maybe antiquities or some custom shop models? (are the antiquities really that much better?)

    i'm looking for something that has a good vintage vibe to it. the guitar sounds great unplugged, but electrically, it leaves much to be desired. right now it has a set of rio grande bastards, which are really good. but i need a good set of hb's in there.

    so if anyone would like to share their experiences, or want to make a suggestion, that would be greatly appreciated.

    i own several sets of duncan pups, but am really pretty new to the hb world. thanks for taking the time to help.
    i started out on burgundy, but soon hit the harder stuff.

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    Re: need new pups for my hb sg.

    for what you are looking for i think a set of seths or 59's would work well for ya. both have the vintage vibe and great tones. the 59's are brighter with less mids than the seths with are a little sweeter. if the guitar is acoustically brighter for an sg id go for the seths