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Hot Rails, Jb Jr

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  • Hot Rails, Jb Jr

    Hey guys what dya think of this?
    a Strat with a 3 single coil config
    hot rails
    Jb jr
    Hot rails

    would this work well together? if not what middle pickup should i switch? cuz im not changing the hot rails
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    Re: Hot Rails, Jb Jr

    Sounds like the old Fender Iron Maiden Strat except they used the JB jr in the bridge. No reason why it shouldn't work well. Fair Warning, though, that thing is going to be HOT!
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      Re: Hot Rails, Jb Jr

      Man.. I know somebody who has two of those signature strats... I forgot about the JB jr and I was thinking about buying one of those... I'll have to check it out.


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        Re: Hot Rails, Jb Jr

        Personally I would put the JB Jr. in the bridge too, but that is just my opinion. Either way she will be a screamer................


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          Re: Hot Rails, Jb Jr

          I have not tried the JBjr. I have the Cool Rails in the middle position of LesStrat.

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