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SH-5 & '59 in my Epi G-400

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  • SH-5 & '59 in my Epi G-400


    O.k., So I bought an Epiphone G-400 3 months ago. I really wasn't happy with the stock pick-ups (I think they are Alnico-V pups). I was going to change pick-ups anyway, so I've purchased an SH-5 (bridge) and an SH-1/'59 (neck). The guitar's wood is Mahogany w/ an ebony fretboard. I'm just curious as to how the wood will effect the tone. I've never replaced stock pick-ups on my guitars so I'm also concerned if the new set will mate well to my G-400. Any thoughts?

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    Re: SH-5 & '59 in my Epi G-400

    Tbat combo gonna rock in this axe...

    short question: how does it play and how does your epi stay in tune?
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      Re: SH-5 & '59 in my Epi G-400

      Mahogany should add balance to the sometimes trebly SH-5. What kind of music do you find yourself playing most? Other great choices for the bridge pup are the JB, Screamin Demon, and the Distortion. BTW- Welcome to the SD Forum!
      Very Metal.

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        Re: SH-5 & '59 in my Epi G-400

        The Custom / '59 is a killer combo for hard rock and metal. I've played those in my LP.

        If you want some idea of what they can do check out any of Michael Schenker's recent work (e.g. UFO's Walk On Water CD). He plays the Custom / '59 in his Flying Vs. I'm sure they'll sound awesome in your Epi too!


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          Re: SH-5 & '59 in my Epi G-400

          I find myself playing a lot of clean stuff (mostly for scales; it's good exercise), both I really hover around mostly hard rock and lots of old school metal (i loved the tone both Pete Willis and Steve Clark got out of their gear for the High 'N Dry album; the track "Let it Go" still blows me away).

          As for the Epi, the best way to get her in tune is to work-out those strings for a good hour or so, however the wood does expand and contract pretty fast, either making it go flat when it warms up, or sharp when it cools down; I play out of my warm, but dry garage, but store my guitars in the house. I am dying to try this Epi with the new pick-ups on a Marshall TSL100 or DSL100. Right now I'm playing out of a Marshall MG100DFX combo and a Randall RG75 (including an Noise suppressor, Digi-delay-fattens up the sound-and an MXR 10-band EQ, but that pedal doesn't like my Marshall on the OD channels for some reason).

          In any event, if I like SH-5/'59 set up I'd probably pair them up with another guitar of mine.


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            Re: SH-5 & '59 in my Epi G-400

            I did the same thing with my Epi G400. It's still got the same set in it, and it sounds real nice. That's a long neck on those guitars, and although I use .010's for strings on it I think it would handle .011's without a problem.
            I know what you mean about those stock pickups....they suck. It was like night and day when I put the Duncans in! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you hear your new set in your G. I liked the Custom enough to put one in my Epi LP Standard with a Pearly Gate in the neck, but I think I might pull the PG out in favor of either a '59, a Jazz, or an Antiquity.

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              Re: SH-5 & '59 in my Epi G-400

              Hey, let us know what you think after you get 'em in, will ya?
              Good luck!