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  • Which pickups for SG

    Guys today is the day. I'm ordering my new set of duncans for my 76 SG. I have come down to 3 models for the bridge a Custom5,59b,Custom. I need you guys to tell me which better suits my style. I'm looking for that classic paf sound like gibson 57 model but i want more output to push my amp into overdrive easily. I'm also concerned about a really nice clean sound. Help me out. My band always has a pretty searing distortion sound if you need to know that, i also use a pro rat and my new amp a JTM 30
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    Re: Which pickups for SG

    well, it's not really paf like, but i have a JB in the bridge of my sg, and it can get some awesome distorted sounds, cleans up pretty nicely too, and i play everything from blues to classic rock to modern hard rock with it

    but out of those you mentioned probably the custom
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      Re: Which pickups for SG

      The C5 is described as a '59 on steroids' so that sounds like what you're after. I have one in my SG, and it covers a lot of ground well - roll the volume back a bit for a vintage vibe, then crank it up for something a big heavier.


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        Re: Which pickups for SG

        Yeah, order a nickel covered set of Custom 5/59 or a Jazz neck, if you want the neck to be nicer for clean rhythm. I've had a couple SG's, but never changed out the 57's.
        If I had one now, I'd have a nickel C-5/Jazz in it.
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          Re: Which pickups for SG

          The Custom SH5 is a beefed up PAF If youre after something with more output, aggression, fairly balanced pup (growly bass and midrange searing trebles and more mids) go for the custom it can clean up nicely but is a little sterile sounding with the cleans. Split its great. In the bridge of my al mahogany guitar it sounds awesome.

          The custom 5 however is scooped has reduced mids is more brighter due to the lack of mids and prominent trebles and in most SG's it will lack meatyness, depending on your style. It will sound thinner but probably still cut thru. It will clean up more nicely cause of the alnico 5 mag. The bridge of my SG is very shrill due to the closeness to the bridge so I usually get a pickup with more mids and less treble to beef up the bridge slot and smooth it out.

          My advice is Find out what your gat is lacking and choose a pickup to compensate.
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            Re: Which pickups for SG

            Originally posted by Dills
            The bridge of my SG is very shrill due to the closeness to the bridge so I usually get a pickup with more mids and less treble to beef up the bridge slot and smooth it out. .
            This is the problem I have with my Gothic SG. I have a demon in there and its just too thin. I have another SG X that has only a single Humbucker(a Demon) and it sounds awesome. Its full with lots of bass, mid growl and smooth highs. But the pup in the X is farther away from the bridge than in my Gothic. Would a Custom for the Gothic solve the distance problem?

            Sorry to jump into this thread with another question, But this info may help your search for a pup too.


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              Re: Which pickups for SG

              I think the Custom is your best bet for the bridge. You have lots of choices for the neck, it depends on whether you want a brighter or warmer sound, and whether you want an alnico 5 or alnico 2 pickup. I've always like A5 in the bridge and A2 in the neck, but I use the neck spot for cleans and solos, and not really any type of rhythm playing. If you plan on doing clean rhythm work on the neck pickup and you want something that matches up well with the Custom, go with a '59. I you want a warm, bluesy sound, go with an Alnico 2 Pro or Seth Lover. If you want a brighter sounding A2 pickup with less bass and more mids and highs, go with the Pearly Gates.

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                Re: Which pickups for SG

                I've got Invaders in the bridge of all of my SGs. The front differs, but it goes from a '59 to a Full Shred Neck. They all sound good