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Dean Hollowbody...Looking for a new sound

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  • Dean Hollowbody...Looking for a new sound

    Hey everybody, I just joined this site tonight.

    I own a Schecter C1 Classic with the JB/Jazz pu set.
    I love the sound I get and wanted to buy a jazzy guitar not to really play jazz but to experiment with the differant sounds of a hollowbody.
    I am soon to get a Dean Florida Sarasota. Its kinda like a ES-333 meets a LP DC Hollowbody if you will.
    I was thinking the CC/59 or the C/59?
    I want something I can play the reggae/Sublime stuff, to 311 or Incubus. I play alot of punk and alternative stuff you could say.

    The JB does all of this for me very well, but I would like to try something differant for a change.

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    Re: Dean Hollowbody...Looking for a new sound

    I think that lower output pups sound better in hollow bodies, but that's just my opinion. There isn't as much feedback potential as with higher output pups, and they let the nice acoustic tone of that type of guitar come through better.

    59's are a nice place to start, and would sound good IMO. Do you want brighter tones, or warmer, smoother tones? If you want bright and articulate, then the 59's are the ticket. They're not too bright though. If you want smoother, either the APH-1 set or even a set of Seth Lovers. The APH's will be a little smoother, while the Seth's will have slightly more edge, PAF type honk, and be airier. Both the Seth and APH are Alnico II pups, which are smoother and rounder sounding than the 59's which are Alnico V.

    Welcome to the forum by the way!
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      Re: Dean Hollowbody...Looking for a new sound

      What about a 59 bridge a Seth neck? Sounds good to me.