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Pickup covers for covered pickups!

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  • Pickup covers for covered pickups!

    Many SD pickups are self-contained, meaning that the pickup covers are part of the pickup, while others (especially vintage) require a separate pickup cover. I am looking to buy a set of Quarter-Pound for Jaguar pups, and they appear to be of the self-contained variety, but they are black and my current pickups are protected with white covers.

    Am I correct in assuming that pickup covers can't be installed over top of these type pickups? I would really like to maintain the same appearance on my guitar, but black pickups would change that. Not that this will slow my decision to buy the quarter pounds, but it would be really cool if they were white. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Re: Pickup covers for covered pickups!

    Yeah, the QP's are not covered. I've asked a couple of retailers, and they can't get them with covers. Maybe the custom shop is the way to go?

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      Re: Pickup covers for covered pickups!

      Hmmm...It looks in the photos I've seen of the QPs that they are sealed though, right? I mean that the windings are covered; that there's no exposed parts, it's just that they're only available in black--right?!?

      Good idea though, about asking the Custom Shop if they may make pickup covers! May have to give them a shout