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MM Stingray pickup in a jazz bass

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  • MM Stingray pickup in a jazz bass

    Howdy. I have a crappy electra Jazz bass copy that sounds like crap and plays like a dream. I'd like to put a SD Music Man Stingray Pickup in. I was going to go cheap and do it without the wiring harness, but that doesn't look like an option for this pickup. My question is: is there any way I can install this pickup with just volume, high and low knobs? If I have to use the wiring harness, is it flexible enough for me to put it in the existing jazz bass rout? (if I ended up using the wiring harness, I'd use the three band tone circuit, put the extra pot in where the jack is now and drill a hole in the side for the input jack) Or is the wiring harness rigid, designed to fit the MM pickguard and no other?

    Thanks for any help, I know this is kind of a retarded project but...


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    Re: MM Stingray pickup in a jazz bass

    Ok... sorry I didn't pick up on this post sooner, hope I didn't turn you off from the boards.
    Anyway, welcome to the greatest guitar board on the web! Here's the answer I have for you...
    Do you REALLY want a musicmaster pickup in your J-bass for the tone or just the cool factor? Cuase... you gotta understand that putting one in your bass would require you to completley reform your bass. You'd need to fill in the previous pickup routing and reroute to the music man pickup. Plus, the sweet spot of a musicman pickup is right where your guard's edge is, so you'd need a custom guard, too.

    Alternatively, I'd suggest a set of duncan J-bass pickups. I guess to replicate a musicman in j-bass from, I'd suggest a set of Duncan SJB-3's with a v-v-t wiring, but push\pull volume pots wired for series/parrellel and phase switching, that gives you lots of options and tones comprable to the Musicman.
    You can get a suprisingly good country guitar tone out of a Marshall Halfstack.