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Will it fit my Godin ST1 Guitar ?

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  • Will it fit my Godin ST1 Guitar ?

    Hi all,

    I have a Godin ST1 guitar I would like to equip with SSL-1 micros, however, the triangular size of these micros (like most strat style micros) won't fit into my guitar, so i was wondering if there are special models (straight like the SSL-3 micros) I could use to fit into my ST1 Godin guitar ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Will it fit my Godin ST1 Guitar ?

    Hi Hans, and welcome to the forum. I thought I'ld give you a little bump, since its your first post.

    It looks to me like the only other singles that are not "triangle shape", besides the SSL-3, is the SSL-7 Quarter Pound. I think the QP is pretty popular. (I'll be able to comment better tomorrow.)

    Also, while not single-coils per se, the JB Jr., Lil 59, and Lil Sceamin' Demon are all the size you're looking for.

    Hope this helps.



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      Re: Will it fit my Godin ST1 Guitar ?

      Hi Artie,

      sorry for the delay, I thought I'd get a mail when someone posted to my thread ....

      Thanks for your answer, I know about the little JB and 59 pickups, and from the photos they should indeed fit my guitar, but I really would like to have that vintage '62 sound in my current guitar, or at least something that comes close or is slightly hotter.

      Maybe I should get this guitar modified to be able to recieve these micros, that might be an option, or I should finally get myself a custom guitar with Warmoth parts so I can put in the micros I'd like to have.

      anyway, thanks very much for your post,

      best wishes,