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    Hey guys, just wanted to ask for some suggestions on the pup selection for a guitar I may be purchasing very soon. It's an ESP LTD M-300. It currently has EMG HZ's in it. It is a neck thru with mahogany body and neck (or so I've read).
    I will be using this guitar for playing harder rock or metal and it will prolly serve as my guitar for recording leads. I already have and Epi LP Standard that will soon be sporting a C-5 in the bridge and a '59 in the neck so I am looking for something a little different. I have been thinking about dual EMG 81's however I welcome other suggestions whether it be Duncan's, Dimarzio's etc,

    Cheers Guys
    Looking to Purchase:
    Axe-FX Ultra
    ART SLA2
    Mesa Boogie 2X12
    PRS Tremonti
    PRS Singlecut, SC245 or SC250
    Edwards Les Paul Custom
    Gibson Explorer
    Fender Stratocaster
    Fender Telecaster

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    Re: New Pickups

    For something diffrent from the C5/59, I would go with either a Jazz/JB or a Cusom/APH. I think you should give the new axe a try stock first, maybe the EMG's will have what you are looking for.
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      Re: New Pickups

      After hearing the C-5/59 combo in your Epi, you'll have an idea of what you're looking for with the new guitar. Then, you could go warmer with a CC, midrangier with a JB, or crunchier with a Custom. I like C-5's in mahogany guitars, since The C-5 supplies the nice lows and highs, while the mahogany gives you your natural midrange tone.
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