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Newbie need help with pickup ID

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  • Newbie need help with pickup ID

    Hello forum,

    I'm a newbie here, and was looking for some help to ID the pickups in my Jacksons. They are all stock pickups, and I'd hate to have to remove all the strings to look on the back for ID numbers, and have to do another set up.
    The Jacksons are all USA rhoads limited edition (except for the black and brass which is an 84 RR-1). I tried to post a pic, but it's too big and since my computer crashed I don't have any photo editing software back yet.
    Anyway, here's the basic info.

    1) 84 black and Brass RR-1 - serial number RR 0761 - string thru body fixed bridge

    2) 92 Pinstripe RR - serial number LTD 090 with fender style trem (I know there's a Jazz in the neck)

    3) ?? Polka dot V - Serial number U05207-70 with floyd rose trem

    The main reason I want to know, is that I'd like to put a new pickup in my 35th anniversary LP custom, that sounds like the one in the black and brass. I know it will sound different in the LP, but if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

    Thanks in advance

    actually you can see a picture here

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    Re: Newbie need help with pickup ID

    The 1984 RR should have a Duncan Distortion in it, I thought all USA Rhoads guitars had Distortions in them but I am far from an expert on USA Jacksons! I am sure someone in the know will help you out.


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      Re: Newbie need help with pickup ID

      I thought they had Distortion/59' sets as well, although it wouldn't suprise me if it was a Custom/59' either.

      Probably the best thing to do if someone here doesn't own the guitar to tell you for sure, is to go to the main website and e-mail customer service. They can tell you what the OEM equipment is for the manufacturers they supply. There can be variations in models, so the only way to know for sure is to flip it over and check the sticker.
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        Re: Newbie need help with pickup ID

        THanks guys,

        I appreciate the input & ideas
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