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My SG with SH-5 and '59. Slight Problem.

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  • My SG with SH-5 and '59. Slight Problem.

    Hi all,
    I just got my Epi G-400 SG back with the new pick-ups a luthier installed (swapped out the Alnico V stock pups). Now, the '59 is cool, it has good response and cuts off quickly when I stop playing-great. However, the SH-5 has a noticable "low bassy" and somewhat fuzzy response on the 6th string, and any chords associated with the low E-string are fuzzy and lack clarity. I'm sitting at work right now after picking up my guitar at lunch so I didn't have time to give the SG a good work-out and check the height of the SH-5, but any info on what is causing this would be useful for me when I get home and check things out more thoroughly.

    BTW, I was playing it through Digitech metal master and a Randall RG75 and Marshall MG100DFX if you want to know the other technical side of things, and D'addario .09-.42 gauge strings. I had to sell most of my gear to help pay off $6,000 worth of hospital bills, so I'm slowly building my rig up again.

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    Re: My SG with SH-5 and '59. Slight Problem.

    I would try EQ'ing the problem out of my rig. If this doesn't do the trick, messing with polepiece height and overall pickup height might cure the problem. Lower the pickup and see if it goes away.
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      Re: My SG with SH-5 and '59. Slight Problem.

      I would try to take a bit bass out of the amp, pu height, polepieces, maybe thicker strings will help: .09-.46 or smthing like this. Which tuning do you play Standard E? but first lower the pu bit
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