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Wiring a duckbucker in a guitar with a phase reversal

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  • Wiring a duckbucker in a guitar with a phase reversal

    First of all, I am really a novice at this kind of stuff, but I always try it anyway. I have a Fender Lead II, that already had some non-stardard pickups in it when I bought it. The duckbucker has the sound I like in the neck so there you go.

    Originally it was the neck pickup (single coil dimarzio) that was wired for phase reversal. From the phase switch black went to ground and white went to one side of the three way toggle. There was also a wire connectiing each respective set of leads for the toggle so I maintained those? The middle leads on the toggle went(go) to the pots.

    The bridge pickup was a silver 3 lead pickup with the out apparently wired to the toggle, and the ground wired to ground, and a green wire wired to nothing??

    So what I did to make my life easier was take the out from the phase reversal, plop that on the other side of the toggle. Take the red from the DB plop that on the other (other) side of the toggle. Wire the DB white and ground to ground. I then put the old neck pickup in the bridge, the DB in the neck and there you have it.

    Why do I think I messed this up? When I use the pickup selector, the tone is always fat. The tone does change, and the fatness could be part that old dimarzio SC that was in there. The phase reversal does work (sorta), It will make the sound less fat. What concerns me is kind of an electrical clicking sound anytime a string touches a duckbucker lead. This happens when the pickup selector is in any position. This may be just the way things are, but I am new to seymour duncan PUs so I dont know.

    in Conclusion

    Does my pickup wiring seem logical?

    Is the electrical clicking sound ok?