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Strat neck: Jazz or '59?

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  • Strat neck: Jazz or '59?

    I'm turning my Strat into a H/H. I thought that I was settled on the JB bridge and '59 neck, but now I'm wondering about the Jazz. I know that the '59 would be okay; it's used on the Big Apple Strat model. I haven't read of anyone with a Jazz in the neck of a Strat, though. How would it sound? Here's the particulars: Alder body, rosewood fretboard, into a Jeckyll & Hyde OD/Distortion pedal, then into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I'll be playing classic, southern, and blues rock. Most of the higher gain stuff will be using the bridge pup. For the neck, I want a nice, full, warm clean sound which will work well with low to mid gain levels. So what do YOU think...Jazz or '59?

    Oh yeah, almost forgot...I'm not too concerned with splitting the pups. I might just go with a simple 3-way switch.
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    Re: Strat neck: Jazz or '59?

    Les Pauls can usually handle the bass that comes out of a 59 neck, but strats aren't as dense, especially since they're mounted on pickguards, so 59's mush out a bit. The Jazz is sweeter and has a nice bit of smooth mids, which I think would work great for an HH strat. What bridge pickup do you have? Right now, I have a C-5 tremspaced in my H-S-S strat w/2 Fat 50's. The C-5's sound best in mahogany, since there's plenty of natural mids in those. In Alder, I'm finding that the C-5 is a tad hollow, but still balances nicely with Fat 50's. CC is to dark, JB is to middy, and Custom is too agressive. I feel like I'll find my favorite pickup as soon as I mod a Custom into a C-3.
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      Re: Strat neck: Jazz or '59?

      Gearjoneser, so you think the JB is too "middy" for an alder Strat? Anyone have any ideas as to what would go well with the Jazz neck, yet still sound good in a Strat bridge?


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        Re: Strat neck: Jazz or '59?

        If you're not splitting, the 59, PG, PG+, and Screaming Deamon make goog bridge pickups in a strat, if your amp has enough gain.
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