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Dirty Fingers or Duncan Custom?

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  • Dirty Fingers or Duncan Custom?

    I know Dirty Fingers isnt a SD so i hope none of you have a problem with me asking which is better, a Gibson Dirty Fingers or a SD Duncan Custom if im looking for a very high output bridge pickup with a wide sound and tons of clarity. Also either would be put onto an alder body with 2 APS single coils.
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    Re: Dirty Fingers or Duncan Custom?

    I think the Custom might have more clarity than the Dirty fingers... don't know for sure though
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      Re: Dirty Fingers or Duncan Custom?

      I was told by someone that the Dirty Fingers is Gibson's version of a Super Distortion. I don't know how true this is though. Never A/B'd the two.


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        Re: Dirty Fingers or Duncan Custom?

        The Custom is 100x clearer than the Dirty Fingers. The ´Fingers has more "oompf" and a certain "smeariness" to it, as well as the somewhat Unique way it seems to acdentuate your Fretting hand more than anything else (hence the name). FWIW, I´m talking aboiut the original Dirty Fingers, not the reissue. Although they´re prolly the same tonally.

        The Custom on the other hand is the "Rock pickup from hell", lots of bite and thump, very even response all across the board.

        In alder: Definitely the custom, the Dirty Fingers would likely sound like Mush (to my ears)
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