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Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

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  • Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

    I heard that Nickel covers sometimes give pickups a hollow 'covered' sound that is not necessarily pleasing. Is this true or just a myth?

    I'm inviting ppl who have had experience with both kinds of pickups, especially in Les Pauls to contribute to this discussion.

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    Re: Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

    I like the way covered pickups sound. they soften the highs a bit, and it's not an unpleasant effect, to my ears at least. I think this may be due to the capacitance of the covers.
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      Re: Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils


      My experience has been pretty much the same as Benjy's. The once case where I can see covers really messing with your tone is if they make things too microphonic. All the covered pups I've used have been potted including the cover.
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        Re: Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

        I think there's certain times when the nickel covers enhance your tone, depending on the gutiar you're looking to put them on. The PRS/Les Pauls come to mind the most, and you're normally hearing covered pickups on the majority of 'em anyway.

        I've had Pearly Gates and '59's under covers on Pauls and they work awesome. Simple fix if you're wondering? A/B 'em. Play 'em with and without covers to learn what you like.


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          Re: Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

          I don't usually prefer any unpotted covered pickup, but if they're potted nicely like they come from the factory, they sound close enough for me. I like covered pickups on Gibson guitars. I only like open coils on superstrats.
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            Re: Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

            That's hokey...I Use both...I Like the looks of covers on my Gibson guitars..The covers cut down on stray noise and protect the insides of your pickups..You suffer an oh so slight loss in highs,but it's not like it makes your tone suffer...I mean,the cover doesn't change the character or the tonality.

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              Re: Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

              I like covered pups on Gibson and PRS guitars, but I have heard that some farker pups are better uncovered to allow highs to come through.

              I'd use covered Rio Grands in my LP if I had 500k volume pots. If uncovered, I'd use 300k pots for my guitar and Rios.


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                Re: Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

                the main difference seems to be the highs with covers vs no covers. Then there's Seymour, who uses Pewter covers.
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                  Re: Nickel Covers vs. Exposed Coils

                  Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with everyone on this subject. On my SG I put a cover on the neck pup and it sounded the same, only it gave a lot of feedback. (this was probably cuz i didnt solder it on) but i bet if you soldered it on it'd be just fine.
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