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SD pickups for a H/S/S Strat

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  • SD pickups for a H/S/S Strat

    Hi... I'm new in this forum and I bet it would have been asked several times, but... I have an alder body, rosewood neck Fender Am Std Strat which has the original Fender PUs in neck and middle positions and a SD 59b in the bridge that I installed later (with a set of 010s strings). This humbucker sounds too weak and thin for my tastes and, besides, it doesn't match well with the other pickups in terms of volume and tone (I like the tone in the neck position, but I'd like more power from it). I use it primarely for rock and the most of the songs I play has a clean/distorted structure, but I'd like to be able to play some sort of heavy blues with it, so versatility is a must (for humbucker, I'd like some sort of Motorhead's Fast Eddie Clarke/Monster Magnet tone).

    I was thinking about installing a higher gain neck and middle PUs and a new HB in the bridge, probably a set with SD Quarter Pounders in the neck and middle (respectively, staggered and flat magnets) and a Custom Custom in the bridge. What do you think about it? Any reccommendations?

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    Re: SD pickups for a H/S/S Strat

    I love the CC at the bridge of a strat. I don't know about the QP's though, as I've never tried them.
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